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Create a beautiful and meaningful homeschool journey.

Design ideas and developmentally sound resources to help you spark a love for learning in your little one.

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Welcome to The Pretty Homeschool!

I'm a pediatric physical therapist and certified breastfeeding specialist. I'm passionate about bringing my developmental expertise to the homeschool table with my own 3 little ones, and I've crafted developmental strategies that are designed to optimized your little one's start to life. I believe that in bringing beauty into every aspect of the homeschool journey, we can create a love for learning in our kiddos!
Macy, PT, DPT, CBS
Owner, Mama
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Explore our collection of lovely materials that will spark your child's creativity.

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Strategies for whole-brain education, curated by developmental experts.


Create beautiful spaces for learning that inspire curiosity and adventure. <meta name=”fo-verify” content=”b9439a35-954e-40b6-92fc-682c500af762″ />

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